Union agriculture minister Narendra Singh Tomar (File Photo, Image credit: India TV News)

Centre-farmers talks break down abruptly

The talks between the Centre and the farmers’ unions appeared to have broken down on Friday after the government side led by Union agriculture minister Narendra Singh Tomar did not turn up for three and a half hours after lunch.

When the government side returned after such a long wait it told the leaders of farmers that the talks can be held only on the offer made by the Centre. The farmers were also informed that as the Vigyan Bhawan is getting closed for Republic Day the farmers can hold talks at any other place but on the condition offered by the Centre.

As the 11th round of talks ended abruptly no date has been announced for the next round of talks.

Reports said that at a brief meeting before lunch the farmers’ representatives rejected the government offer to put on hold the three farm laws for 18 months. The farmers’ bodies had on Thursday already taken this decision and it was only conveyed to the government on Friday.

After the government’s refusal the farmers’ leaders had to leave the Vigyan Bhawan empty handed.

One of the leaders S S Pandher was quoted in the media as saying that it was nothing but an insult and humiliation to farmers.

Later, the farmers told the media-persons that they would intensify their agitation and a massive Tractors’ Rally would surely be held on Jan 26.

This is the second time that the talks have broken down. In December last too the talks were suspended for three weeks before the government once again re-opened them.

However, nothing concrete could be said about the latest deadlock as much water has flown through Yamuna—the most prominent being the constitution of a three-member Committee by the Supreme Court and the subsequent resignation by one of the members, Bhupendra Singh Mann.

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