Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Randeep Surjewala attacked Central government over economy, separately. (File Photo)

‘Demonetisation was a deliberate move to destroy informal economy of India’: Congress

Continuing his attack over the contraction of the economy, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi alleged that the Demonetisation was a deliberate move by the government to destroy India’s informal sector. In a video released on twitter Rahul Gandhi said that PM cashless India is actually farmers, labourers and small businessmen free India. One of the grave implications of the dice thrown on November 8, 2016 has appeared on August 31, this year.

“The whole of India stood in front of banks, you deposited your money in your bank. The first question is: did it erase black money? No. Secondly, what was the benefit of demonetisation for the poor people of India? The answer is: nothing. So, who got the benefit? The advantage was given to India’s biggest billionaires. How? The money that you in your pockets, that you had in your homes was taken and used by the government to waive off the debts of these people,” he explained in his 3 minute and 14 seconds video as reported by The Hindu.

Rahul Gandhi said that the PM himself stated that he wanted a cashless India which, according to the Congress leader, would destroy the informal economy. “Who would be at loss, the farmers, labourers, shop shopkeepers and small and medium enterprises whose survival depends on the cash, Gandhi said.

“Demonetisation was an attack on unorganised sector of the country. We will have to recognise this attack and the whole country will have to fight against it,” he added.

Meanwhile, Congress Spokesperson Randeep Singh Surhewala also echoed Rahul Gandhi in his attack citing National Crime Record Bureau data. He said that those who run the government through an ‘act of fraud’ for six years now blame ‘the act of god’ for the free fall of the economy.

“The farmers as well as labourers and middle class have systematically been attacked, the NCRB data which was released on Wednesday shows that 42,480 farmers and labourers have committed sucide in 2019; Which means that 116 farmers and labourers are taking the extreme steps every day. What is the government doing? The NCRB data reveal that 14019 unemployed are forced to commit suicide since they do not have the jobs….The economy is in mess and GDP has reached the bottom. Country is being pushed towards financial emergency. If the devastating impact of inflation, the burden of slue of taxes as well recession have crippled the people’s lives”, Surjewala said. 

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