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Corona Virus: India’s infection growth rate much slower than severely affected countries

TNW,New Delhi, March 30. According to Health Ministry, despite steady rise in the number of COVID-19 positive cases, compared to severely affected countries like Italy, United State and Spain, the pandemic’s growth rate is considerably low in the country.

In a press conference Luv Agrawal, the joint Secretary, Ministry of Health and family Welfare today said that the duration in which Corona positive cases grew from 100 to 1000 in India, in the same period, the growth in hard hit countries was as much as 4000, to 5000 to 8000. However, he stressed, that there is no room for complacency as scenario may deteriorate rapidly. ‘Therefore we must continue to follow the guidelines and social distancing norms strictly’, he added.

According to latest report, the number of Corona Virus positive cases in the country reached to 1251, among this 102 people were cured while 29, died.

Meanwhile, Indian Council Medical Research (ICMR) has reiterated that there is no sufficient evidence of community transmission yet in India. “The sporadic cases where contacts are not established don’t necessarily mean that it is because of community transmission. There are various ways a person can come into contact: sometime people forget to recall some important recent contact history which could also be the reason.’’ one official explained.      

Still, the Health Ministry has ramp up the preparation to tackle any emergency situation. Health Minister Dr. Hashwardhan has ensured that we have already ordered fifteen thousand ventilators and other thirty thousand are scheduled in few days.

Previously, ICMR had suggested that community transmission of covid- 19 is inevitable. Now, if the research body has stopped short of its previous estimate, it is definitely a positive sign.

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