Doctors went on a day-long strike on Friday against government's move. (Representational image, image credit: Jafar Ahmed/ Unsplash)

Doctors observe strike in protest against mixopathy, ‘khichdification’

Thousands of allopathic doctors across India observed a day-long strike on Friday in protest against the Narendra Modi government’s decision to allow the ayurvedic doctors to perform surgery. However, doctors spared all emergency services such as labour, casualty, corona wards from the strike. The doctors are of the view that the government’s move to create mixopathy would lead to ’kichcherification’ and would be detrimental for the health services in the country. 

According to the president of the Indian Medical Association, Dr Rajan Sharma the government’s decision would send a wrong message across the world where the Indian doctors have earned quite a big reputation.

He said that the government’s move is even against the interest of ayurvedic doctors as well.

Dr Sharma said that even in allopathy medicine not all the doctors can perform all types of surgeries. In fact surgery is a team effort. For example, he himself is an orthopedic surgeon, but he can not perform abdominal surgery.

Earlier, the IMA had staged protest rallies all over the country on Dec 8, in protest against the government’s move to mix allopathy, homeopathy, ayurvedic, yoga etc into one.

But the ayurvedic doctors have welcomed the move and said that the PG students are given training to perform simple surgery.

Incidentally, the doctors strike has come at the time when the country is yet to recover from corona virus.

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