Farmers burn the copies of the three farm laws on the occasion of Lohri on Wednesday (Image credit: New Indian Express)

Farmers celebrate Lohri with burnt copies of farm laws

As per their programme the farmers across a large part of north India, especially on the border with Delhi, burnt the copies of the three farm laws enacted in September last, on the occasion of Lohri on Jan 13. The farmers’ unions had given this call a few days back.

In Singhu and Tikri borders the farmers celebrated Lohri and also burnt the copies of the farm laws amidst slogans against the government and what they call the black laws.

The Supreme Court’s decision to stay the implementation of the three laws and set up a four-member committee had no impact whatsoever on the farmers agitation which completed the 49th day on the occasion of this festival, more popular in Punjab and Haryana, the two states which are in the forefront of the movement.

Though the farmers at Tikri and Singhu borders observed Lohri they were unanimous that they would celebrate the real Lohri on the day the three farm laws are repealed.

As the picture is not clear about the ninth round of talks on January 15 and farmers’ unions further hardening their stand the deadlock is likely to continue. The apex court intervention appears to have failed to make any impact.

According to Swaraj India leader Yogendra Yadav, the Supreme Court stay has not asked the farmers to stop their agitation until the committee submits its report.

Reports suggest that farmers’ unions would meet on January 14 evening to discuss the possibility of January 15 talks though they have not yet received any communication from the government in this regard.

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