Increase Testing Save Bihar campaign was trending on Twitter on Sunday.

#TestingBadhaoBiharBachao among top India trends on Twitter

TNW, July 20: The hashtag TestingBadhaoBiharBachao (Increase Testing, Save Bihar) stormed the Twitter on Sunday. With over 35 thousand tweets till 8 PM, the hashtag stays among the top India trend since it was launched at 2 PM. It reached to the top as soon as campaign started, then between 3 PM to 5 PM it remained trending on top two.

In the wake of deepening COVID 19 crisis, low testing and state’s collapsing health system, this campaign has been successful in highlighting the need of urgent attention towards the crucial aspects of fight against the pandemic. The success of campaign largely owes to the high youths participation.

The objective of campaign was to assert the role of increasing the testing in tackling the crisis in a densely populated states like Bihar. Many of the tweets demanded that the number of daily testing must be raised to 50 thousand marks and the arrangement related to COVID 19 must be overhauled.

Though CM Nitish Kumar has recently ordered to increase the testing to twenty thousand, yet last time when he had instructed to raise the number to ten thousand, it took almost a month for per-day testing to reach the mark.

A number of tweets stressed the need of total revamping of the health infrastructure. Others suggested that the hospitals from panchayats to the capital must be equipped with basic to life savings facilities, availability of medicines at hospitals must be ensured; and most importantly, sufficient number of doctors and health workers must be present in all hospitals.

Lately, the reports of mismanagement and lack of basic facilities in top health centers of state have raised serious concerns over the fight against Corona Virus. Opposition leader Tejashawi yadav has been consistently raking up the issues of shabby state of affairs at health centers, lack of preparedness and low testing.

Apart form Tejshawi Yadav other Prominent people who participated in the campaign are, former CM Rabri Devi, Actress Swara Bhaskar, Director Avinash Das, RJD MP Manoj Jha, Social Activist Kavita Krishnan, RJD leader Tejpartap Yadav, Singer Raj Shekhar and MP Pappu Yadav.

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