Rahul Gandhi ( File photo. Image Courtesy: PTI)

Rahul accuses BJP of ‘institutionalising’ lies

TNW, New Delhi July 19: Sharpening his attack on the BJP, former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Sunday accused it of ‘institutionalising’ lies by manipulating the data on novel Corona virus related deaths, the Gross Domestic Product and the stand-off with China. In a tweet, attaching a Washington Post report over missed or misreported COVID-19 related deaths in India, he stressed that the illusion will break soon and India will pay the price. 

A day before Gandhi had compared the Modi Government’s handling of China standoff with Neville Chamberlain, the former British Prime minister who gave enough concession to German Dictator Adolf Hitler, who later captured Czechoslovakia just ahead of second World War.

In a recent video while explaining the reasons of Chinese aggression Rahul Gandhi said that countries are protected by camouflage of factors, such as, foreign policy, economy and neighbourhood. He alleged that during last few years all these factors were weaken due to the policies of Modi government.

In an another tweet he had warned that India would cross the two million mark of COVID 19 cases by August 10, if Union government did not intervene with concrete measures against COVID 19 fight. 

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