Bengali film actress-turned-Trinamool Congress MP, Nusrat Jahan (File Photo, Image credit: The Financial Express)

TMC MP Nusrat Jahan sees no combination between love and jehad

Stating that there is no combination between love and jehad and the issue of marriage is personal. Bengali film actress-turned-Trinamool Congress MP, Nusrat Jahan criticized the recent move to enact a law against love-jehad and dubbed it as a pre-election exercise for political ends.

She said that marrying anyone is the personal choice and should be left to the persons concerned just as he or she is free to eat, dress and do whatever he or she wants.  She said that there is nothing like love-jehad and came down heavily on the BJP for politicizing the issue. Let the people love and live peacefully, she added.

Nusrat’s comment is important as she herself had married a non-Muslim man.

The statement came just on the day when SIT has found no evidence of organized foreign funding in 14 such inter-faith marriages in Kanpur. However, 11 persons have been booked as the girls were found to be under-age and the rest three were found to be mature.

 Only recently a two-judge bench of the Allahabad High Court had rejected two cases of love-jehad on the plea that two mature individuals have the liberty to marry anyone of their choice.

The love-jehad issue has cropped up in recent months following the decision of MP, Haryana and UP governments to enact a law against love-jehad. The opposition parties are interpreting this move as a pre-poll exercise since states like Bengal, Kerala, Assam, Tamil Nadu etc. are going to polls in next summer.

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