10 Trade unions to go on a day strike. (Representational Image: Courtesy: Josue Isai Ramous Figueroa/ Unsplash)

Crores of workers across the country to go on strike on Nov 26

Crores of workers all over the country associated to 10 trade unions would go on a day-long strike on November 26 in protest against the Union government’s recent labour reforms. The trade union bodies affiliated to RSS, Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh, would not join this strike, but is opposed to the recent decisions taken by the Centre including that on social security code.

According to Tapan Sen, the general secretary of Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU), all the trade unions including those of insurance companies and banking would join the strike. He said that the trade unions also opposed the laws related to farm reforms passed by the Centre in the monsoon session of Parliament in September last.

The strike call has been given in protest against Diwali eve move by the Central government on social security code. The trade unions are of the view that social security does not suit all the workers. The labour unions are already upset over the Centre and some state government’s measures to increase the working hours. Curiously this decision was taken at the height of lockdown when millions of workers had migrated to their homes.

It must be noted that farmers across the country especially in Punjab and Haryana are on warpath in protest against three laws enacted in September.

The trade union bodies will hold rallies across the country on November 26 which is also known as Constitution Day. They dubbed the government move as unconstitutional and against the interests of the poor. They see a corporate design in it.

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