A number of relaxations have been offered as India enters into the ambit of Unlock 4 guidelines. (Representational Image; Courtesy: Jon Moore/ Unsplash)

Unlock 4 guidelines: Ten most important points

According to Unlock 4 guidelines, metro to resume services from 7th September; political, religious, sports etc. gatherings with the ceiling of 100 people will be permitted from 21st September.

The guidelines for Unlock 4 are issued by the Union Home Affairs Ministry on Saturday. The new directive by the MHA extends the lock down in the Containment zone upto 30 September. A number of additional relaxations have been provided in the Unlock 4 guidelines while there are other activities which are still categorised as restricted. For the convenience of readers we have compiled a list of crucial activities and what would be their status in the Unlock 4 guidelines which will be effective in the whole September.

1. Social, political, academic, cultural, religious, entertainment and sports congregations and events will be permitted from 21st September with a ceiling of 100 people.

2. On the other hand, the existing ceiling of 50 people in marriage ceremonies and 20 people in funerals will be raised to 100 people from 21st September.

3. School, colleges, educational and coaching Institution will remain closed for teaching for students and regular class activities.

4. However, students of class 9 to 12 may be permitted by State/UT governments to visit their school outside of the containment zone for taking guidance from their teachers from 21st September. Such a visit would be voluntary and written consent of parents/ guardian would be required for the purpose.

5. State/ UT government may permit upto 50% of teaching and Non-teaching staff, in the schools existing outside of the containment zones, in order to perform online teaching/counselling, with effect from 21st September.

6. Skills or Entrepreneur Training institute of Central and state government and those associated with National Skill Development Corporation or State Skill Development Missions will be permitted to run from 21st September.

7. Metro rail will be allowed to operate in a graded manner from 7th September.

8. Cinema halls, swimming pools, entertainment parks, theaters and similar places will remain closed except open theaters will be allowed from 21st September.

9. The restriction on international flights will remain in effect except as permitted by MHA.

10. The States /Union Territory government will not be allowed to impose lock down outside containment zones without prior consultation with the Central Government.  

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