Vikas Dubey's demolished house. (Courtesy: Indianflipboard)

UP government comes under legal scrutiny after demolition of Vikas Dubey’s house

— By Special Correspondent

TNW, Lucknow, July 6: The demolition of the house of notorious criminal Vikas Dubey within 36 hours of the killing of 8 policemen has, instead of drawing praise, raised a serious legal question. Experts like, Faizan Mustafa, VC of NALSAR are of the view that the demolition of the house can only be done on the order of court, not by the police on their own. There is due process of seizing of any property of criminals which was not followed in this case.

Besides, Vikas Dubey’s mother, Sarla Dubey who lives in Lucknow with other son claimed that the house destroyed by the police was ancestor’s property built by her father in laws and her husband. Thus, the police had committed wrong by demolishing it on charge that it was Vikas’s property.

Meanwhile, the hastiness with which the police destroyed the Vikas Dubey’s house has exposed the state government once again.

Big question is, why is that police are unable to arrest the main accuse of killing of eight of their personnel in Kanpur village of July 2. It goes on to suggest that he is getting protection from some influential people in the system and the government only wants to hide this fact.

On the other hand, Shiv Sena mouth piece ‘Saamna’ on Monday teased U.P. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath by asking the BJP leaders as to why they are silent today after the killing of eight policemen. After all they created storm and tried to communalise the killing of two sadhu’s in Maharashtra’s Palghar. The paper asked why is it that the U.P. police which claimed to have killed 130 criminals in last three and half years failed to eliminate Vikas Dubey.

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