Celebrated Urdu poet Rahat Indori died on Tuesday. ( Photo: Facebook)

Urdu poet Rahat Indoori dies after found infected with Corona Virus

Renowned Urdu poet Rahat Indoori today passed away at Aurobindo Hospital in Indore after confirming in the morning that he is Corona Virus positive. 70 years old acclaimed poet died of Cardiac arrest.

Chairman of Arbindo Hospital, Dr. Vinod Bhandari said that Indori was hit by two heart attacks earlier in the day and he was also suffering from pneumonia. Bhandari further said Indori was admitted to the hospital on suspicion of Corona virus on Sunday. following which he tested positive for the virus on Monday, ANI reported.

Earlier in the morning, the much loved poet confirmed that he was diagnosed Corona positive. He tweeted for informing about the disease while requesting to his followers to pray for his speedy recovery.

Though Rahat Indoori was particularly known for Urdu poetry and saying gazals, he used to pen lyrics for Bollywood movies as well.

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