Yogendra Yadav criticized the government over stopping of farmers to enter the national capital. ( File photo: Image courtesy: The Hindu)

Yogendra Yadav accuses government of creating bogey of corona virus to fail farmers’ agitation

The leader of Swaraj India, Yogendra Yadav has accused the government of raising the bogey of corona virus to fail the farmers March to Delhi (Delhi Chalo). Talking to the media on Jaipur-Delhi Highway he said on Thursday that on Sunday (Nov 22) Haryana deputy chief minister, Dushyant Chautala addressed a public meeting in Mewat where thousands of people had gathered. Nobody was wearing mask.

Pointing towards the Haryana Police personnel who were blocking the entry of farmers into Delhi he said many of these cops might have got duty in that rally. “Where was pandemic then” he asked.  

He said that farmers are converging peacefully to the national capital from six points, but the police have been deployed on all these places.

Yogendra Yadav said that the police had stopped him from going ahead on the plea that he had been violating the law. The truth is that nobody is breaking any law. The farmers are simply marching peacefully to highlight their problems.

He termed the lathi-charge and spraying of water cannon on Punjab farmers by the Haryana Police at the Patiala-Ambala border as daman (barbarity) and said that the more the government tries to suppress the famers the more they would come out against it.

History stood as witness to this fact. Meanwhile the services of Delhi Metro outside Delhi has been suspended for the day. Earlier this suspension was till 2 PM.

Reports coming from different places suggests that farmers are in no mood to budge. Many of them have even managed to filter into Delhi on foot. At various places in Haryana they clashed with the police and removed big rocks and tractors which had been put up there to create obstacles on different highways and roads.

Curiously, while the AAP government in Delhi has appealed to the farmers not to enter the national capital keeping in mind corona virus, the party MP from Punjab Bhagwant Mann has criticized the Haryana government move to create obstacles.           

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