United States National Guard troops gather in front of the US Capitol Hill (Image credit: The Guardian)

A dozen National Guards removed from duty in Washington DC

In an unprecedented development, at least a dozen members of the
United States
National Guard were removed from duty in Washington DC
on Jan 19 after intelligence discovered that they have links with a
far right group.

According to reports quoting General Daniel R. Hokanson, the chief of
the National Guard Bureau,  two of these twelve members were removed
for social media posts that made threatening comments toward political

The decision was taken just a day ahead of the take-over by Joe Biden
as the 46 President of the United States.

At least 25,000 National Guards have been deployed for the Jan 20
ceremony in Washington DC, which has been converted into a garrison
city. Security has been beefed up throughout the United States
following FBI warning that a large number of Trump supporters, even
armed, may take to streets elsewhere in the country.

The removal of a dozen National Guards from the duty may be a somewhat
surprising and unusual development, but the security agency is not
going to take any risk as it is feared, there are elements in the
National Guard having links with the ultra-right White supremacist

It needs to be mentioned that many ex-servicemen and women as well as
off-duty police personnel took part in the Jan 6 failed insurrection.

One of the  women killed in the rioting at the Capitol Hill in
Washington DC on Jan 6 had served in the United States Air Force for
14 years.

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