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Biden introduces his team on the eve of Thanksgiving Day

Against the America first policy of President Donald Trump, President-elect Joe Biden on Tuesday said that his country (the US) is “ready to lead the world”. Introducing his national security and foreign policy team, he said, “These public servants will restore America’s global leadership and moral leadership.” As reported, for the post of Secretary of State, he has chosen Antony Blinken, an old foreign affairs expert and a graduate from Harvard University and Columbia Law School. He was also the Deputy National Security Adviser from 2013 to 2015 under President Barack Obama.

He has chosen Jake Sullivan as his National Security Adviser. He was the Deputy to that post under President Barack Obama. For the post of treasury secretary, he has chosen former Federal Reserve chairwoman Janet Yellen. His incoming chief of staff in the White House Ron Klain was chief of staff to two vice presidents—Al Gore and Biden himself.

He has chosen John Kerry, former Secretary of State, for his envoy on climate change. It needs to be mentioned that Mr. Kerry was a long-time senator from the Democrat Party and his party’s 2004 presidential nominee.

The decision came on the eve of November 26 Thanksgiving Day holiday in the United States. However President Trump on the eve of this occasion appears to have softened his stand but is yet to acknowledge defeat.

The slate that Mr. Biden unveiled includes Obama era veterans and signals a return to traditional US diplomacy and multilateralism.

Mr. Blinken, in a reference to multilateralism, said that the US cannot solve global problems on its own. He said: We need to be working with other countries.

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