Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden and US President Donald Trump (File Photo, Image credit: Toronto Star)

Joe Biden continues to lead in polls ahead of incumbent Donald Trump

With less than 36 hours to go before the US Presidential elections, most polls showed Joe Biden leading in the key states of Pennsylvania, Florida, Arizona and Wisconsin. On the whole, opinion polls show incumbent Trump to be trailing behind Biden with a 42 % chance as compared to 51% of the latter.

Anyway, one thing is clear. The American Presidential election is, even in these times of epidemic, attracting considerable media coverage within the US and outside. Indeed, no other political process attracts as much attention as the US elections, obviously because of it being the superpower.  

There are numerous issues on which this election is being fought. One of the prominent ones, particularly for the Democrat Party, is Black Rights. No wonder, Joe Biden was spending the final days of his Presidential campaign appealing to Black supporters to vote for him and his Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris. It needs to be mentioned that the Black cause has gained prominence also because of the killing of the hip-hop artist George Floyd earlier this year by an armed policeman.

Biden’s running mate, Senator Kamala Harris, who is the daughter of an Indian-origin mother and a Jamaican-origin father, is also campaigning in key Republican strongholds in the hope that, if persuaded, Black voters could turn the tables in favour of the Democrat Party.  

On the foreign policy front, Mr. Biden has said that he will make significant changes to US diplomacy and return the US to its traditional role on the world stage. If people close to his plans are to be believed, he is likely to reverse President Trump’s hawkish policy on Iran, climate change and the World Health Organisation.

Biden, in his early part of the campaign had said that he would rejoin the Iran nuclear deal if the latter starts complying with the agreement. Biden had also called Trump erratic on China and has said that there are areas where the two countries can work together, including on North Korea.

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