Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar unimpressed with UP's population policy. (File Photo, Image credit: Outlook India)

Nitish not impressed with UP population policy

Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar said on Monday that the population rate falls with education and awareness, adding that law has its limit in containing the population. He stressed the role of women’s education across communities to keep the population in check.

By giving the example of China he suggested that such a law may create population imbalance as the neighbouring country has to recently revise its policy with 2 children from the previous one child. However, the situation is still not satisfactory there, he said.

He was responding to the queries of the media over Uttar Pradesh government’s proposed population control law. Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adiyanath had unveiled a new population control policy on Sunday, which aims to incentivise people to help in population control. 

“Increasing population can be a hurdle in the way of development. Every community has been taken care of in population policy 2021-2030,” Adityanath said.

Interestingly, union minister and firebrand BJP leader Griraj Singh was quick to applaud the Uttar Pradesh government’s policy. He went on to demand similar legislation for Bihar.

However, NDA ally and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s party, Janata Dal United leaders unanimously dismissed the Bill as an electoral strategy to polarise the vote ahead of the Uttar Pradesh Assembly election.

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