PM Narendra Modi. (File Photo)

PM Modi declares: country wide lock-down for 21 days

TNW, March 24, New Delhi. To contain the spread of Corona Virus pandemic, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on Tuesday that there will be complete lock-down for next twenty one days with effect from today midnight.

PM requested the citizens to observe this lock down strictly as it will decide future of ourselves as well as country. He said, “If one experts is to be believed, it takes 21 days to break the cycle of spread. If this 21 will not be handled properly the country will go 21 years back. 

Hearing the shut down announcement, people from cities across the country throngs to the Grocery, Vegetable, and medicine shops. Huge queues of people were seen at several places outside milk booths and departmental stores. A sort of chaos prevailed for few hours amid panic buying.

Later, PM once again clarified by tweeting that there will be no shortage of food and essentials and the shop dealing with these services will be remained open in the lock down.

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