Sushil Modi accused Lalu of poaching NDA MLAs. (File Image)

Sushil Modi accuses Lalu of wooing NDA MLAs ahead of Assembly Speaker election

Ahead of the election for Bihar Assembly Speaker former Deputy chief minister Sushil Modi late on Tuesday evening accused RJD Leader Lalu Prasad of calling some NDA MLAs from hospital in Ranchi and asking them to abstain from voting. In a tweet he asked the Jharkhand government to transfer Lalu to Hotwar Jail. He said that Lalu has told the MLAs to take the excuse of Corona Virus and skip the voting. The BJP has also released an audio.

According to the audio, Lalu has even offered ministerial berths to the MLAs who will abstain from voting. Sushil Modi said that when he rang up Lalu the latter himself received the call. However, the RJD spokesman Bhai Virendra strongly denied that Lalu Prasad has ever made any such call and added that Sushil Modi is in the habit of making baseless allegations.

The RJD has said that there are many people who can imitate the style and voice of Lalu Yadav. The party has also said that it is ready for an enquiry. The RJD leaders are saying that since Sushil Modi has been left high and dry and has got no post in the present cabinet, he is making such allegations so that he can be counted in the good book of the Central leadership of the BJP.

As Sushil Modi has targeted the Jharkhand government too, a JMM spokesman has asked the BJP to look within before launching any allegation. The NDA has issued whip to all its legislators. On the other hand, RJD legislators met at the house of former CM Rabri Devi on Tuesday evening.

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