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Trump likely to contest for another term in 2024

US President Donald Trump, who has persistently denied Joe Biden’ s victory since the results for the Presidential polls were announced last month and is on his way out has given a sort of indication that he will contest the next Presidential polls slated to be held in Nov 2024. Trump who earlier lost the cases related to alleged electoral fraud in the states of Michigan and Pennsylvania is, it seems, in no mood to give up his ambition of occupying the White House for another four-year term. Trump is known for his nationalist stand and had his slogan “Make America Great Again” throughout his term.

Trump, in a White House Christmas party on Tuesday, suggested that though he has lost the elections, he is not going to retire as a one-time President. “It’s been an amazing four years. We are trying to do another four years. Otherwise, I’ll see you in four years,” he said at the event. It needs to be mentioned that Trump is the first President in the past 28 years to serve a one-term tenure. Both George W. Bush and Barack Obama managed to win a second term even though they faced anti-incumbency factors because of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and other issues. Before that Bill Clinton also won twice between 1992 and 2000.

Anyway, his supporters and lawyers continued to file lawsuits till Wednesday and in a last-ditch attempt to force a new vote. According to media reports, Trump has discussed the possibility of contesting the 2024 polls with his close aides. He will most likely launch his campaign for the next polls on January 20, the day President-elect Biden will take charge. It is, in theory, possible as the US Constitution confines a President to two four-year terms but at the same time does not mention them to be consecutive.

To conclude, Mr. Trump is likely to remain a continuing force in Republican and national politics.

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