BJP state headquarter has been abuzz with activities since the party switched into election mode. (Image Source: Indian Express Photo by Prashant Ravi)

Bihar government imposes lock down till July 31 after 75 BJP leaders tested Corona positive

TNW, Patna, July 14: After getting panicky over the huge rise in the cases of Corona Virus among ruling NDA leaders and top officials of Bihar, the Nitish Kumar government took the drastic measure to put the state on complete lock down from July 16th to 31st. 

The state government made this announcement after reports came in that 75 out of 100 BJP leaders have been tested positive. According to sources this includes minister as well as legislators. These leaders were holding meetings regarding upcoming assembly election in state party headquarter. Curiously, the announcement of lock down was made by Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi.

It needs to be recalled that several employees of Chief Minister’s residence as well as of state secretariat and legislative assembly are also suffering from Corona Virus.

Bihar was among the first states which went ahead with businesses closure and movement restrictions when there were only a couple of cases. Even when the country wide lock down was in place the number of infected cases across the state remain low.  

Now when the cases are piling up the health infrastructure of the state which is infamous for being shabby started to crumble. The news reports of crunch of doctors, ventilators, oxygen and PPE kits galore from hospitals across the state.

True, when most advanced health infrastructures found themselves helpless against epidemic the poor state like Bihar could not be blamed for being performing abysmally. However, critics are of the view that the lack luster approach of Bihar government despite having ample time to prepare for the imminent COVID 19 wave could not be forgiven. 

Meanwhile, Kailash Jha Kinker, the Master trainer of an ongoing training program of EVM in Khagaria districts succumbed to COVID on July 14 after he came in contact with trainers from Hyderabad who were later tested COVID 19 positive. 

Opposition leader Tejashawi Yadav has come down heavily on the state government for its total failure in tackling the epidemic. He shared a video in which a few dead bodies were left unattended in a Corona ward of Nalanda Medical College & Hospital (NMCH) while nearby patient were being treated. 

Tejashawi said, “this government is more interested in contesting election rather than saving the people of Bihar. How can election be conducted when there will be no people left?’’

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