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After Defense Secretary, Trump shows the door to his election security official

A few days after the sacking of the Defense Secretary Mark Esper US President Donald Trump dismissed his election security official Chris Krebs because he contradicted with the President’s version of fraud and rigging in the elections he lost to Joe Biden. President Trump said he ‘terminated’ Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (Cisa) chief Chris Krebs for his ‘highly inaccurate’ remarks on election result.

It hardly needs to be mentioned that, till recently, Mr Trump had refused to concede the results of the US election. He had made claims of ‘massive’ voter fraud. But election officials have said the vote was the ‘most secure’ in US history.

When Defence Secretary Mark Esper was sacked earlier this month it was thought that he was the last to go. Now there is speculation that one or two more officials such as CIA Director Gina Haspel and FBI Director Christopher Wray are likely to be shown the door. Like many others Mr Krebs only got to know that he was fired after he got to see the President’s tweets on Tuesday. According to media reports, hours before he was fired Mr. Krebs had posted a tweet that appeared to take aim at Mr. Trump’s accusation that voting machines in various states had switched ballots to Mr. Biden.

The incumbent President’s supporters have yet to concede defeat and there have been clashes in various states of the country in recent days.

It needs to be stated that in recent memory no one-term president has sacked so many officials as Trump has in the last four years.

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