US President Donald Trump impeached for the second time (File Photo, Image credit: India Today)

Trump ends tenure with historic second impeachment by House

Exactly a week after January 6 ‘insurrection’ and ugly scene in Capitol Hill President Trump late on Jan 13 became the first US President to be impeached twice by the House of Representatives, the Lower House of the Congress or Parliament. The House voted 232-197 in favour of the resolution.

Last time President Trump was impeached on December 18, 2019.

Incidentally, 10 members of Trump’s own Republican Party voted for the impeachment, which is something unprecedented.

Now the Senate would take up the proceedings on the resolution on January 19, that is on Trump’s last day in office. The transfer of power would take place on January 20 amidst very tight security. More than 20,000 National Guards have been deployed in Washington DC for this purpose.

The Senate debate and the final voting on the resolution is likely to be concluded after January 20, that is after Trump’s tenure expires. If the Senate passes the resolution against him, Trump would become the first former President to be impeached by the Upper House too. In that case he, according to experts, may not be able to contest the 2024 election.

However unlike in House, it requires two-thirds majority for a President to be impeached by the Senate. At present the 100-member Upper House is equally divided—50:50. In that case the resolution should be passed by 67 Senators.

Though several Republican Senators have openly called for Trump’s impeachment it is not yet clear whether their number crosses the threshold of 17 members.

While the House was voting on the resolution President Trump made an appeal to his supporters to remain calm. He said that he had received reports from the Secret Service about the likely violence on January 20.

Meanwhile, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, led by General Mark Milley, on Wednesday said that the US Army intends to stand by the constitutional transfer of power to the next administration. Thus, the Army has reposed full faith on the incoming Joe Biden Administration.

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