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US Corona death tally back to May-level of 2,200 in a day

As the United States is witnessing a huge spurt in Corona Virus cases, California has imposed a month-long night curfew. On November 19, as high as 2,200 people lost their lives. The country has seen 80 per cent rise in reported case of pandemic in the last two weeks. Thus, the figure has touched the May level, which was the highest in the year.

Following the big rise in COVID-19 cases health authorities have appealed to the people not to travel ahead of Thanksgiving Day on Nov 26. As it is observed on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States and is a national holiday, people usually go out for travelling on this occasion.

 New York is among the 15 states hit hardest and all of them have thus imposed new business and travel restrictions.

 As reported, President Donald Trump has once again last week ruled out country-wide lockdown. The Meteorological department has warned of harsher winter this year. Thus, it is feared that the toll may rise further.

The rise in Corona Virus cases has once again rendered thousands of people jobless in the country. Tourism and hospitality industries have been hit hard and there is little hope of its revival during the Christmas holidays.

The total death toll in the United States has crossed 2.55 lakh and over 12 million people have so far been affected by the pandemic.

According to a projection, 2,300 people may die in the US everyday till Dec 18 and the figure may touch 2,500 per day by Jan 1, 2021. By the end of March next year, the total death toll may reach 4.71 lakh.

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